Are Sneaker Pre-Orders Worth The Money?

The 2016 yearlong L streak will continue as more hyped sneakers are set to release before year’s end.

  • Air Jordan XI “Space Jam”
  • Air Jordan IX “OG White / Black / Red”
  • Nike Flyknit Racer “Rough Green”
  • Air Jordan XI GS “Heiress”

Just to list a few things dropping this month that many people will surely take the L on.


Lately the rising trend many consignment shops are on is running a pre-order that guarantees a secured pair of a release… but at what price point? An example: The Air Jordan III “True Blue” was going for pre-order prices for about $280 while retail was at $220. “Only $60 above retail?? That’s a steal and I can avoid doing any of the footwork.” This colorway of the famous Jordan III was surely a cop for many OG sneakerheads as for the first time, the OG Nike Air branding was brought back in place of the Air Jordan logo.

Waking up that Saddermoring, many would expect every site to be sold out completely. It turns out Jordan Brand produced what seems like tons of pairs as a complete FSR (Full Size Run) is STILL available on


Has anybody walked into the nearest Footlocker? Many Recent releases are still sitting on shelves. The Air Jordan III “Cyber Monday” is actually on sale through some sites and stores.

The Air Jordan XI “Space Jam” is up for pre-order on many consignment shops for about $375 average while the retail price is $220. If the trend continues, more pairs will be up for grabs which means you and I will have a better chance of avoiding the dreaded L.

So, the point I’m trying to get to here is this: are you willing to pay for a pre-order (i.e. Air Jordan XI “Space Jam”) when there could be a chance of getting the shoe for retail, or even less (Cyber Monday III).

At least do some searching online before you pay resale on a hyped release. Below will be some good sites to check for pairs and get a good estimate if you have to pay resale.

Also, check your footsites i.e. FootLocker, Finishline, Champs, Eastbay, Nike, Jimmy Jazzy, Villa, SNS.


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