Stadium Goods Is Selling 100 Pairs of Nike Air Force 1 Grails For Less Than $100


The Nike Air Force 1 is a long-running shoe that has helped drive the sneaker culture since it was first released back in 1982. To commemorate the Air Force 1’s legacy, Stadium Goods has teamed up with Nike to offer 100 different pairs of the sneaker at ComplexCon for $89.95 each.

Some of the most highly praised Air Force 1s of all-time will be up for grabs at the event, which takes place from November 5-6 in Long Beach, California. Some of the pairs include those designed by graffiti artist Stash, the limited-edition version of Jay Z’s The Black Album, the rare “PlayStation,” “Entourage.” “Taiwan,” “Camo,” “Tisci,” “Questlove,” pairs and more.

According to Stadium Goods co-founder John McPheters “Some of these shoes are the ultimate grails, we even got the ‘Taiwans,’ which were super hard to find a pair in good condition because most pairs had cracked on the patent leather or came with yellowed soles. But I think we got a good pair.”

Finding the pairs was one thing, getting the people to sell them was even tougher. “There’s an interesting subculture of Air Force 1 collectors, and it’s different than other pockets of sneaker culture,” McPheters says. “If someone has had these sneakers for 15 years, they’re not going to want to just give them up.”

Luckily Stadium Goods has been able to find the Holy Grails and they’re bringing them to ComplexCon.

Below are some of the pairs that will be sold.


[via Complex]


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