Harambe Hologram Set To Make Appearance at Day For Night Festival

The internet’s beloved fallen hero Harambe (the gorilla who was controversially shot and killed by employees at the Cincinnati Zoo) has inspired anything from memes to a track on Young Thug’s latest project. It has been announced that a hologram of Harambe will make an appearance at Houston’s Day For Night Festival alongside acts including Travis Scott, Run The Jewels, RZA, Clams Casino, and many more.

The festival’s official website list Harambe as part of the lineup with a description of “A hologram of our beloved Harambe.”

Taking place this December 17-19, the festival promises to “combine headlining musicians with immersive art installations, transforming live music production by introducing new sensory experiences to the festival landscape.”

No news yet if Harambe’s hologram will be on a Tupac-like level or if he’ll join other art installations on the festival grounds.

If you want to experience the Harambe hologram, grab tickets to the Day For Night festival from their official site.



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